Craigslist Calls/Revisiting Some Old Friends

Some craigslist trolling calls with Random A-Hole Board as well as Lord Duncan

So I got a little bored and drunk last night and decided to stir up some shit with Lord Duncan as well as Random A-Hole, dont make me fuck your face in bitch!

Revisiting Some Old Friends:

I decided to call some old freinds of mine with the Dr. Phil Board as well as Ms. Cleo

I have been lazy lately…

Since I have been so lazy with uploading my calls as of late here is some new ones for your Downloading pleasure,  have fun


Al The Drunk Talks To The Springfield Pervert:   AL N SpringField

Chris The Hacker Talks To His SoulMate:  Chris The Hacker Talks To His Soulmate

The Castle Motel Talks To The Gun Owner:   The Gun Owner Calls The Castle

Rage And Anger Calls of 2011:  RAGE AND ANGER OF 2011





So After a long break I have risen, my friend Chris had his number turned off and thus had it taken by another person. Upon hearing of this blasphemous deed, I spring into action in this set of  calls…

The first set is the soundboard calls

Where is Chris…?

And the second part was live thanks to all my nuggas at the toychest…

Part 3 of the saga: Kentuky Redneck Part Three