WorldClass Reports

The Loser Triangle Pt. 2 Starring Charles Cronon

So after watching a very funny video by one SkipBreezy, ( Trufuckinplaya decides to call Chris up and let him hear the audio in true troll fashion. He proceeds to call Skip a “Nigger”. We let Skip know, who joined us in Toychest with a conversation with Al The Drunk, Chris, and finally one Charles Cronon. Who decided to put my information, over the phone and over the Toychest since he knew we were broadcasting. Charles had been in the toychest for quite some time as a character named “Dustin” spying on us. I had a feeling that this person named Dustin was Charles. The reason being, he said to me in chat “Your’e just a fly…BZZZ” and Then proceeded to help verify  Justin Thorne, and then Me by telling everyone my name.  What Charlie did not know is that once I found out he was Dustin I had a mission to track his every move as well as find some good information on charles thanks to his Foursquare account and Twitter. I discovered good ole CHALIE BOY was in Arkansas visiting some family and that he still stays in Stillwell… Later on in the night charles stopped by the toychest and had it out with us, check out Mistahblondes site for those chat logs (






The Plot Thickens:

And now on to Mr. Justin Thorne who was talking to Trufuckinplaya on his cell phone and we managed to capture the conversation, Enjoy!

LCC’s Convo:

And now that leaves me with one final person in my little triangle(TRIANGLE IS NOT A NEW STATE) Chris Perron…But that will be yet another post. hehehee

Datboys Battle 2012 The Loser Triangle Pt 1.

Let me set this up as properly as I can so everyone can understand the situation…

One night while in theToychest I was calling Chris Perron Aka “General Manager” of the infamous failing business(

I called my house phone to get a better recording of my voice due to the crappy mic I had. I had someone on the phone, someone who I knew as LCC, or “Life Changing Calls“, or


Upon getting my home phone number Mr Justin Thorne proceeded to push to get my information and thus got my info due to a public facebook profile, and reverse phone search which was easy due to my listed phone number. Justin Thorne for reasons unknown to me gives my information to one Christopher J. Perron who calls my home not one time, but several times in a days period. One of these calls that went to my answering machine contained Justin Thorne, A.K.A LCC saying that Christopher J. Perron from would call me back and that him and I needed to speak. Fed up of this nonsesne I change my number and confront Chris, only to find out a few days later that…

Charles Cronon:( from A-Z pawn was given my information by Christopher J. Perron from but that audio will be in the next post as well as Justin Thorne Speaking about his situation…

Thanks for the audio Dicks!

Voicemails :

Justin Thorne Calls My VoiceMail With Datboys:

I Confront Chris Perron:


So for the holidays as any kind hearted people do, The ToyChest was spreading holday cheer, and the first person on our list…YOU GUESSED IT!  It is just what you expect from and Chris call Religion, Politics, and putting others down


I have witnessed a call in which chris is visited by his arch nemesis… (

Upon hearing said calls I call chris to investigate and tell him how absolutely excited I was over the call (Prank Call Boner) We discuss video games, how much he would love to get his hands on certain pranksters, and stalking. The latter half you cannot hear LCC in the call blame it on him and not me…

Original WorldClass Reports From 2011

After a few non threatining soundboard calls to Chris…

(which can be seen at:

We talk and he tries to convinve me to stop prank calling and the usual chris nonsense ensuses

Prank Callers Are CRIMINALS!!!

So chris has informed me that supposedly fake credit cards were used in the delivery of objects to his shop. I being the journalist I am, try to get to the bottom of this and try to see a video which he claims will show me said events occured.  A time is agreed upon for the video to be posted, and I patiently await..


So i call back at the expected time to see if said video is posted, to no avail it is not and I am greatly disappointed, but not surprised…more confrontaion with chris ensues with name calling and the likes.

Chris and Richard(And my mishap of letting chris hear me replay a call…AHEM)

So Chris has picked up on another prank victim that may need some help from him, I being the investigational (truthiness) journalist I am I snap into action.

Chris shpells out info he has gathered on a victim:

I ask Chris about his conversation with Richard:

Chris hears me replay the audio by accident:

I call Chris back to tell him he does not scare me:

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  1. he knows your weaknesses…

    The first call sounded like you were lodging a complaint against him for his calls not being as good as they used to – lol


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